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Home Lift

Sakura Home Lift is safe, artistic, and user-friendly. We can feel the elegance and warmth by its excellent design. The free room comes with steady and style.


Passenger Lift

Car Wall of Hairline Stainless Steel


Car Wall of Hairline Stainless Steel

Type of Ceiling : Painted Steel with Half Mirror Type acrylic Sheet
Ventilation : Streamlined Conditioning Vents at Both Sides
Car Wall : Hairline Etching Finish
Car Floor : PVC Floor
Car Sill : Extruded Hard Aluminum

Car Wall of Pattern Steel


Car Wall of Pattern Steel

Type of Ceiling : Pattern Steel with scenery-printed acrylic sheet
Ventilation : Streamlined Conditioning Vents at Both Sides
Car Wall : Pattern Steel
Car Floor : PVC Floor
Car Sill : Extruded Hard Aluminum


Observation Lift

In order to provide passengers with more aesthetic enjoyment, more and more observation lifts are being built in shopping malls, hotels and commercial buildings. Sakura is fast becoming the No. 1 choice as Sakura’s observation lifts are designed to integrate perfectly into its environment. All Sakura lifts are installed to be both reliable and efficient at all times.In order to provide passengers with more aesthetic enjoyment.

Cargo Lift

Cargo Lift  equipped with VVVF  are provided with the advantages of high efficiency, high torque, and low noise. With the solid structural design, firm cabin, wide cabin door, smooth and safe operation, Cargo Lifts are especially suitable for the freight delivery in the factories, warehouses, stations, and Shopping malls…etc.


Bed / Hospital Lift


Bed Lift Design Feature

1. Smooth and Safe Ride
2. Gentle Delivery of Hospital Bed
3. Bright and Simple Cabin
4. Efficient and Reliable

Hydraulic or Traction Car Lift


 1.Lower noise
2.large car area
3.more safe
 Sakura car lift adopts the mature car elevation technology. It has been developed and produced according to the special characteristics of the car products.

Sakura’s dtrong technical capacity completely solves the technical obstacle of the noise and car shaking caused by the more heavier load of the traction machine system due to uneven force bearing to the car.


 Scissor Car Lift


1. load capacity: 5000kgs
2. platform size: 5500*2700mm
3. lift height: 3000mm
4. install underground

Hydraulic Passenger Lift




anti-sliding step and outdoor escalator/ conveyor


Detailed Product Description

Fully in compliance with GB16899-1997 (EN115), .It’s suitable for application in bustling and busy business center ,out standing
The repair and maintenance are convenient and fast with automatic lubrication by
intelligent automatic lubrication system, which can preset time for timing and fixed
lubrication so as to make the maintenance much easier and laborsaving. With
the trouble indication control system, the trouble location will be automatically
marked so that the trouble will be easily located and rapidly removed, which will
put the product into normal operation within short time.


Automatic Moving Walk



1.With CE, ISO9001, ISO14001 certificates;

2.Humanized design, comfort and natural;

3.Advanced control system and driving device, superior driving system, superior driving chain, excellent workmanship assures the comfortable operation;

4.The safety protection functions as many as 21 items fully comply with national and European standard;

5.Automantic lubrication system lubricates all kinds of driving components, which prolongs products’ operation life greatly.

6.Micro-computer controlled system performs with rapid calculation speed, high reliable moving, and also with failure code fixed, easy to be maintained;

7.Drive device arranged vertically assures enough space and convinience for maintenance.



Hydraulic Chain Cargo Lift

vertical lift table

Main feature:

1)      chain lifting platform features lifting the goods through the different floors.

2)      chain lifting platform—-hydraulic driven and lift by chian .

3)      special lifting chain and have long use life.

4)      the close height is low so don not need pit installation.

5)      closed type structure ,safe and easy to clean.


Fully Automatic Car Parking System

Fully Automatic Plane Moving Parking System PPY-RH


Major characteristics:

1. A full use of the space: Large capacity and density, high utilization rate of the space.

2. High access efficiency: The elevator and the carriers at various decks act indepently without interference to each other. It enchances the entry/exit speed of the cars.

3.Fine security properties: It has the multiple safety protection devices toensure the safe running.

4. Humane operation interface: It applies the human design with convenient qperation.

5. Highly intellectual: It applies variable frequency and speed governor technology with the smooth travl and accurate positioning.

Construction Elevator


SC200/200 Construction Elevator

Main characteristic of construction hoist:

1.The mast sections of construction hoist adopt welding robot to weld,reliable in price and elegant in appearance

2.All the structure adopt reaming impeller blasting technolog,the adhension of surface painting is good

3.Cage guarding board adopts flower aluminous board and numerical controlling punching aluminous board,the weight of cage is light,elegant and beautiful in appearance.

4.Professional manufacturer provide the transimission gear,high mechanical efficiency,extended service life,steady performance.

5.Overload protection and variety of limiter are reliable and complete,optimal safety device select SAJ40-1.2,which restricts the excessive downward movement of the cage and prevents cage falling accidents.

6.Variable-frequency construction elevator are safe \stead \comfort,start electricity is smaller then the working electricity,efficient and efficient


Tower Crane

TC5015 Tower Crane

Detailed Product Description

1. The mast adopts a piece structure. It is convenient to transmit, store and place
2. The hoist uses double motors

1. Version: fixed and traveling type
2. Free height: 45 meters
3. Max. height: 141 meters
4. Max. radius: 50 meters
5. Jib end load: 1.5MT at 50 meters
6. Max. load: 6MT at 14.9 meters
7. Hoisting mechanism: JT1.5
8. Drum capacity: 350 meters
9. Lifting speed: 3.15m/min~80.9m/min
10. Slewing mechanism: HZ-80
11. Slewing speed: 0.3 or 0.6r/min
12. Trolley mechanism: BF-80
13. Trolley speed: 28 or 42m/min
14. Power line voltage: 380V/50Hz
15. Color: yellow
16. Counter weight: Stell-structured frame (without concrete£©
17. Mast section: 1.8 x 8 x 3m
18. Foundation bolt: included (8 sets)
19. Cabin: included
20. Telescoping cage: included
21. Pump and cylinder: included
22. Main cable: included
23. Basic mast: included